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The faculty are carefully selected on their basis of their Christian experience, testimony, educational preparation and teaching experience which enables them to give each student attending FCA Homeschool, a thorough education. We believe that teachers made the education possible, for without good teachers-the system breaks down. The teachers working in the homeschool program work in the day school, thereby your child will be getting the benefit of their many years of practical experience in the classroom. The teachers of FCA are here to help, for each teacher is committed in helping each student realize their academic potential.

Research reveals that the educational background that a child receives by the time that child is finished grade 6 will by and large determine whether or not that child will attend college. At FCA, our teachers are committed to the task of giving your child the best possible educational foundation.
Each student will have phonics, reading, English, spelling, penmanship, math, Bible, science, social studies, computer, art, and heath.

For a more detailed description of the program for grades 1-6, see "PROGRAM DETAIL.

The Junior High Program includes reading, English (which includes grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and composition), math (General as well as Pre-Algebra), science, social studies, Bible, art, health, and computer.

For a more detailed description of the program for grades 7-8, see "PROGRAM DETAIL."

The High School Program offers the high school student the opportunity to receive an outstanding academic education. At this time, we offer two programs: College Prep Program and the General Program. The goal of the College Prep Program is to prepare the student for a successful college experience. The General Program offers courses for those students who do not wish to attend college, but rather plans to enroll in a vocational or technical school after graduation.

For a more detailed description of both programs, click onto "HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM"