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1.   Attendance
Each parent must keep a log of attendance and submit it to the attendance office for report cards. There is a Daily Report for this reporting.

2.    Academic Code
The Academic Code is as follows:
A=100-93     B=92-85      C=84-77     D=76-70      F=69=50    
P=Pass         F=Fail          W=Withdraw

Principal's List=All A's except in 1 Minor
Honor Roll=All B's except in 1 Minor

3.   Grades
Descriptions of Work at FCA Homeschool Program

Outstanding work that is insightful, creative, and marked by excellence in achievement, approach, and execution.

Clearly excellent work marked by original thinking, clear mastery of process or content.

Very good work that is enhanced by originalty of approach or style, by successful engagement with topics, issues, and skills.

Strong work marked by serious and successful engagement with the task,process, or topic, by mastery of skills and process and content.

Successful work marked by strong engagement with the task, process, or topic, by sound skills, and process, but limited by elements of execution of scope.

Work that is essentially sound in most respects, but hindered by problems oflogic, content, procedure, or execution.

Marginal work limited by important weaknesses or deficiencies in logic, content, procedure, or execution.

Minimally accepted work marked by serious error, inappropriate logic or style, ineffective application of skills.

69 and below
Failing work marked by lack of engagement, shallowness of approach, profound confusion.

4.   Procedure for Homeschool
Our homeschool program is designed to provide a student with the workload for a ten-month school year.

Seven courses at one time is the recommended limit of study. Physical Education & Health does not constitute a course. Those students wishing to take more than seven courses must submit a waiver at the time of sending the application to the school office.

Only one exam per course at a time will be accepted. This policy enables the teaching staff to return the exam to the student to review before the next exam.

Those students who do not submit any course work over a period of two calendar months are dropped from the homeschool program and given a grade of W (Withdrawn) for each uncompleted course.

Students must complete the entire course in which they have enrolled within twelve months or be dropped from the program and given a grade of W (Withdrawn) for each uncompleted subject.

A student may apply for an extension of two months in the event that they are in danger of being removed from the program. This request for an extension must be in writing. Only two extensions will be given before the student is removed from the program.

Students that have been removed from the program may seek re-admission after paying a re-admission fee of $150.00.

Payments are due on the tenth of each month. A $ 25.00 late charge will be charged for past due accounts.

There is a $ 20.00 return check charge for any check being returned for any reason.

If two payments are missed, my lessons will be terminated and student will be given a W (Withdrawn) for each course.

Up to the first seven calendar days following the official notification into our program, any credit balance remaining after the first monthly payment and any other fees such as book or postage fees are deducted from the credit balance will be returned.

Up to the first fourteen calendar days following official notification of acceptance into our program, fifty percent of credit balance will be returned.

Zero Refund: On the fifteenth calendar day following official notification of acceptance into our program there are no refunds, no matter what the reason or the number of lessons that you have received.

6.     Non-Discriminatory Policy
FCA Homeschool does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, creed, or national origin in its admissions policies, educational programs, employment policies, or any other school-administered programs.