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For over twenty years, Faith Christian Academy has been involved in the educational preparation of young people in the South Jersey area. Our dedicated and committed staff has provided the best academic training for our students in grades K-12. Since the first graduating class in 1984, the majority of our students have continued their education by attending college. Although we emphasize the importance of academics to our students, we also believe that spiritual training is valuable too. With this dual relationship of both academic and spiritual education, we find that it enables the students to successfully integrate Christian philosophy into their lives.

In addition to our educational philosophy, we at FCA have always believed that a quality, private Christian education had to be affordable, to every family that desired it. In our area, for example, the tuition for most private schools is high, especially for families with more than one child, thereby putting private education out of the reach of many parents. Our distinctiveness will always be one of affordable tuition to all parents.

Over the years, we have received many requests, from families that do not live in our area, that we begin a homeschool program, which would incorporate many of the same distinctive characteristics of FCA. As we planned for the new program, our staff interviewed many homeschool parents so that we could become better aware of the problems and concerns associated with homeschooling. From those interviews, we have developed a unique homeschool program. I invite you to examine our program at FCA Homeschool.

Then after reading over it, and you believe that we can help you in the education of your child, register by going to the Enrollment page.   If you have additional questions that are not answered from this site, please feel free to email us at questions@fcahomeschool.com,   We are here to help you.

    If you like would like to read more about homeschooling, click here to go to our page, Why Homeschool?

Rev. Roger Young


> Latest Findings
Scholastic Achievement and Demographic Characteristics of Home School Students in 1998"
reported on homeschool students and quality of their education.  It concluded homeschool students were given the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) or Tests of Achievement and Proficiency (TAP). 

The results indicated that the median scores were typically in the 70th - 80th percentile!

25% of homeschool students are enrolled in one or more grade above their age level public and private school peers!

Homeschool Works!

> Over 20 Years

For over 23 years FCA has been providing quality, affordable private school education to students all across the United States. 

Let us assist you in providing the same for your child.