1. First decide what time of the day the school work will be done.  One of the great things about homeschooling is that students can do their work anytime.  For example, if a student is an “early bird” and does better in the morning, then that is the time for them.  However, not everyone likes to get up in the morning and hit the books, so later in the day is better.  But whatever time you decide, try to keep that schedule as much as possible.

2. Sign in and enter the “Homeroom” area and click onto the subject that you want to work on.  Each subject is broken into lessons that need to be followed consecutively.


3. Following the day’s work, each parent is asked to submit a Daily Report to the school so that we are able to track the academic progress of each student.  Each parent will be asked to email us with a parental code so that we know that the parents sent the Daily Report and not the student.  Click here for Daily Report.  This report will track the progress as well as the attendance for each student so that everyone is complying with various laws dealing with homeschool students.  We ask that the student spend at least 5 hours (in any combination) doing their school work.

4. We also recommend that students work on the same days that our dayschool is in session so students or parents can communicate with us in our “Homeroom chatroom  Click here for school calendar.  However, this is not required, for students may do their school work anytime they wish.